New Wave Energy - a technology-based energy company designed for the coming low carbon and energy transition era.  


New Wave Energy (NWE) is a technology enabled company specifically designed to address two of the fundamental elements of the so called ‘Energy Transition Era’; the combination of safe capture and storage of waste carbon dioxide (CCUS) along with the optimisation of production of hydrocarbons from existing fields. Addressing these two issues in a balanced and commercially realistic way will be key to finding a successful path through the conflicting challenges of the next few decades. 

NWE have an extensive suite of proprietary and ground-breaking technologies which can provide new measurements of reservoir properties previously unavailable for accurate technical analysis and modelling.

This new information, which essentially allows a better understanding of how fluids, gas or liquid, are able to move within the reservoir, can lead to an improved understanding of how to optimise reservoir performance in relation to the two key objectives: 

  • In the case of CCUS, to establish first and foremost the quality of the seal to prevent unwanted leakages, and additionally to ensure the commercial viability of the target reservoir with respect to disposal volumes and injection rates.
  •  In the case of hydrocarbon production from existing fields, to ensure optimum depletion both in terms of production rates, ultimate recovery factor and abandonment deferral. 

NWE believes that the financial benefits of enhanced residual hydrocarbon production can be used to support and accelerate meaningful volumes of commercially viable CCS.

NWE plan to benefit directly from the ensuing reservoir performance and intend to operate all aspects of a NWE project in order to ensure optimum efficiency in terms of carbon emission, costs and elapsed time.


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